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Sozo Medical Group is a South Florida based medical practice that focus’ on healing individuals using progressive therapy solutions. We specialize in biofeedback, individualized therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Sozo is dedicated to setting sustainable goals for our clients by using custom-tailored wellness programs. Contact Sozo today to see how we can help you get into optimal physical and mental health.


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Brain Mapping for Depression Diagnosis and Treatment

Written By Sozo Medical Group - Tuesday August 11, 2020

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Mental Health Therapy

What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Written By Sozo Medical Group - Tuesday August 4, 2020

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PTSD and Depression Lessened Through Biofeedback Therapy

Written By Sozo Medical Group - Saturday May 16, 2020

Biofeedback therapy is an innovative technique used to treat a variety of conditions, including in...

Mental Health Therapy

Why Sozo Medical?

Our programs are medically supervised by highly trained, licensed medical professionals. We have an extensive background in healthcare, giving us an incredible advantage in assisting patients in their wellness program. We offer a wide range of specialists to service clients at any level of need. We help our clients exceed all of their operational expectations and goals.

Improving Overall Wellness With Innovative Therapy

Sozo Medical Group is dedicated to helping individuals get back to a healthy and happy place by using innovative therapy methods. Our vision is to create a novel yet empowering therapy program that improves the overall wellness of individuals. We can advance the behavioral healthcare revolution by providing wellness therapies nationally.

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